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Why Choose Water Warehouse Sacramento & Hague?

Choosing Water Warehouse Sacramento/Hague for all your water treatment needs offers many advantages that are part of Water Waterhouse & Hague’s tradition of excellence. Some of our exclusive features and highlights include:

  • Hague manufactures all products in-house and are the only company to do 100% full testing on all systems before shipment.
  • Hague is one of the largest manufacturers of water treatment equipment in the world, and the only one that is owned, operated, and manufactures its products solely in the USA.
  • WaterMax® is the world’s most efficient water treatment system, with 9 U.S. Patents awarded.
  • WaterMax® is the only comprehensive system with multi-compartment tanks for different media configurations to fine tune The Right Solution™ for specific water treatment needs.

There are many other areas of Hague excellence and reasons why we are the best in the industry. Hague, as a continuously family owned and operated business since the company’s inception, has demonstrated they will be here when you need them. After 50 years of experience and innovation, they are dedicated to staying at the forefront of the industry with leading technology, unsurpassed quality, and incomparable efficiency. Water Warehouse takes has the same outlook and takes the same approach to service which is why we partnered with Hague to offer our customers the best water treatment solutions in the industry.

Quality, Experience, Price and Service is our commitment to you. 
Water Warehouse supplies water treatment equipment to the home and business markets in Northern California and Nevada.
Water is the key to life. Although water treatment is a complex and often misunderstood specialized industry, we strive to make it crystal clear and affordable to all.
We provide our customers with the highest quality water treatment appliances – at very affordable prices. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life through the quality of water by staying at the forefront of the ever changing water purification market.
Water Warehouse Sacramento offers the latest, high quality and user-friendly reverse osmosis, carbon-filters & water softeners.

The web site is one of our direct channels to the public. Our mission is to provide our visitors with useful, current information on the importance of water treatment as it pertains to their health, while delivering affordable water filtration solutions through our factory direct discounts and pricing.

We look forward to serving your water treatment needs. Contact us today! (916) 684-3678

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