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What Water Solutions Do You Need Help With…?

Click on the following products and services to see how Water Warehouse Sacramento can help you get better water.

Water Softeners Can SAVE YOU MONEY While Improving Your Home, Laundry, Hair & Skin

Perfecting the Sacramento area water one family at a time. Tired of dealing with hard water? Tired of dealing with bad tasting and chlorinated water?

Give us a call and we can fix your water today. It’s Fast, easy and convenient.

Total Home Filtration Will SOLVE a Wide Variety of Water PROBLEMS

Get perfect water from every tap no more pain and suffering everyone deserve great tasting water today!

Protect your family today call us and make an appointment today!

Delicious, HEALTHY Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Covers a Wide Variety of Water Problems

Let’s custom design your perfect water system.

FREE Water Testing for Common Contaminants In Your Home’s Water

If you’re on city or well water in one of our local areas (I.e Sacramento, Elk Grove, Lodi, Galt, Natomas, Roseville) the in-home water test is FREE. With a free test, you’ll know the amount of hardness, iron, & chlorine in your water, the pH of your water, and the best options for treatment. Learn more today!

Commercial Water Treatment Covers a Wide Variety of Water Problems

With the support of the entire Hague organization and experience in the local market, we have the best solutions to meet your commercial and industrial water needs. From local car washes, to hotels to medical laboratories, we have solutions for all types of commercial applications.

Buy Now Pay Later

You Can Buy Now and Pay Later 0% Financing

LIMITED Time Offer 0% Financing

We currently have a special offer where you can buy now and Pay Later with 0% Financing.

Contact Us NOW For Details. (916) 684-3678

Fill Up For Less

Purified (Reverse Osmosis) & Alkaline Water Available In-Store

Fill Up For Less

In-Store: Purified (Reverse Osmosis) only $.40/gallon And Alkaline Water only $2/gallon

Visit Our Elk Grove Store: 7119 Elk Grove Blvd. (Next To Nugget)

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Free Water Test

Why Choose Water Warehouse

We’ve helped improve water quality in the Sacramento area by installing 1,000’s of water softeners, filters and reverse osmosis systems.

Here’s a few more reasons we’d be proud to earn your business.

How Clean Is Your Water?



Typical homeowner water quality concerns beyond hardness include:
– Turbidity, cloudiness
– Sediment particles
– Chlorine taste & odor
– Lead
– Bacteria
– Chemicals
– Other aesthetic and health related issues that we could go and on with

Our Testimonials

Outstanding service is how we continue to build our business. Here’s a few customers who have made time to write us and show their appreciation.

I bought a house with a water softener but like most things in a used house I had no idea if it had been serviced.  If you have a water softener, a very good idea, you must get it serviced approximately every three years.  Failure to do so can lead to damage to you pipes the very thing you’re trying to prevent.  The unit had been purchased at the Water Warehouse in Elk Grove.  I spoke with the owner, Aaron, who came over and tested my water and found the it was not too late.  But, I knew I’d need to get the unit serviced.  He sent out a technician the same day, Robert.  Robert was a delight, pleasant and very professional. In sum I had a good experience.  Water softeners are things we tend to ignore for the most part. Don’t.  Get it serviced and don’t worry about your plumbing.

Mark L., Elk Grove, CA

We had our 2nd water softener system installed today first one stopped functioning after 10 years.  New system is up to date along with great installation and warranty for the next 25 years along with 5 year in-home service.  We got two other estimates pricing was competitive only a couple hundred differences but it was the locality and warranty the was unbeatable, no more hauling cases of water and standing in long lines at the recycling center.  Also my new reverse osmosis faucet is a perfect match alongside my regular faucet.  Aaron provided excellent customer service start to finish.

Jagdish B., Sacramento, CA

My review is for the whole house Hague Watermax salt softener with under the counter kitchen filter, with alkaline. It’s been roughly 5 months since we purchased and had the system installed and let me tell you… it’s terrific! We couldn’t be happier. We got what is the top of the line system that the Water Warehouse sells and it’s worth every penny.

Tre M., Elk Grove, CA



We serve the Sacramento, Northern California area including Elk Grove, Sacramento, Natomas, Roseville, Lodi, Galt, West Sacramento, Wilton and surrounding areas.
Everyone deserves the gift of clean water. Call today to book your water test.

Call or email us today in Sacramento, California for more information on how to get fresh and clean water systems.